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Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Services

"Rise Interactive is an innovative digital marketing agency with a test and learn mindset, a relentless focus on dynamic and signal driven targeting, as well as a robust understanding of the value of creative. These traits allow them to utilize Facebook to drive true business outcomes for their clients and drive their business forward."
JaBari Holland, Partner Manager, Facebook

Harnessing the power of social media as a marketing channel goes beyond fan and follower acquisition, engagement, or pure sales metrics; it requires a strategic data-driven approach to activation with targeting, messaging, and KPIs that are tailored to a brand’s audience and objectives.

At Rise, we create custom solutions and deliver consistent results by taking a comprehensive approach to social media management. Our team develops social media strategies that leverage both paid and organic tactics, enabling our clients to reach existing and prospective customers with relevant and timely information.

Paid Social Media Marketing Services
It’s becoming more difficult to reach audiences through organic activity alone. The most successful brands are increasing their investments in social and gaining access to more qualified targeted audiences, along with in-depth analytics, through paid social media advertising.

Paid social media campaigns are ideal for growing brand awareness, generating leads, and driving conversions in the short term. However, a paid effort with a large budget, a great offer, and a carefully targeted audience will see even greater success with a complementary organic strategy.

Organic Social Media Marketing Services
Organic activity still serves as the foundation for a brand's social media presence and is vital for developing relationships with current and potential customers. While it may be tempting to pursue paid social media marketing tactics to bring in new customers, those customers won’t stay for long without a solid organic presence.

Our team prioritizes making content interesting, unique, and engaging before amplifying it with paid social advertising. We use data to help inform the content formats – such as infographics, blog posts, videos, and a wealth of other assets – that will resonate best with our clients’ target audiences.

Our comprehensive approach helps clients get the most out of their social media investments and strike the right balance between paid and organic efforts to achieve their goals.

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