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Programmatic Advertising Services

Rise’s best-in-class programmatic solutions provide a consistent brand experience throughout the customer journey. Our team of experts partner with leading programmatic buying technologies to execute sophisticated digital media campaigns that exceed our clients’ goals. Whether your brand is trying to build awareness, acquire more customers, or generate in-store sales, we invest brands’ dollars more intelligently, reach the most valuable audiences possible, and deliver meaningful ad experiences to customers.

  • Transparency, brand safety, and fraud prevention are core to our entire process. Our approach allows clients to know exactly where their media dollars will be spent during media planning, and we report transparent media costs on every campaign that we run through our Connex® Analytics platform. Our aggressive brand safety approach mitigates the risk of serving ads on non-reputable inventory. Rise leverages best-in-class fraud monitoring tools and proactively pushes our partners to develop their own integrations in order to eliminate fraudulent inventory across all mediums.
  • Audience-first, full-funnel strategies enable Rise to outperform its competitors’ Programmatic initiatives. With a full breadth of digital services, Rise leverages quantitative cross-channel learnings to execute robust targeting strategies across multiple platforms and mediums. We take into account first-party and third-party data, along with contextual relevance, to translate each brands’ target customers into digitally addressable audiences. Partnering with over 85 data providers, Rise has the relationships and experience necessary for ads to make the most efficient impact.
  • Granularity drives better performance: Rise expands campaign volume dramatically to better understand which messages, audiences, and ad types are generating results. Our experts use these insights to invest brands’ dollars more intelligently and improve results. With this granular approach, Rise helps brands reach their target audience wherever they are, whether they’re watching a football game on their Smart TV (CTV), listening to Spotify at the gym, or scrolling through their phone (and everything else in between).

Our programmatic team serves as a true strategic partner to our clients. We not only drive campaign success, but also help brands navigate major industry innovations and trends, so that their marketing dollars are only used for attributable programs that target real people.

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