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Marketplace Listing Services

Marketplace Listing Services

At Rise, we utilize our deep search and product marketing expertise to help brands drive results beyond traditional search engines. Through marketplace opportunities, such as Amazon Advertising & Walmart Media Group, we expand our clients' existing eCommerce initiatives and get in front of their prospective buyers at the most impactful moments.

  • Comprehensive Search Approach: Rise’s unique approach of incorporating non-traditional platforms with traditional ones (Google and Bing), enables clients to amplify their reach and create additional opportunities to influence buyers.
  • Optimize Search Initiatives: Whether comparing KPIs across search initiatives or correlating the impacts of advertising on overall COGS lifts, Rise can help a brand find the right mix of spend so the business is growing where it’s most impactful.
  • Monitor Products’ Retail Health: Rise helps brands understand that when utilizing marketplaces as a channel within their strategy, monitoring products’ profitability and their ability for growth and scale are imperative for a brand to be successful.
  • Analyze Cross-Channel, Data-Driven Insights: We built Connex®, the Interactive Investment Management® platform that enables marketers to make relevant customer connections at scale. With Connex, marketers can worry less about data collection and organization, and focus more on strategic development and cross-channel analysis with automated integration between marketplaces and other channels.

Contact Rise today to have our team of Marketplace experts manage your current programs or develop an integrated marketplace marketing strategy.

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