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Affiliate Marketing Services

    Affiliate Marketing Services

    Coupled with a robust, expansive publisher network and Rise’s ability to identify innovative program opportunities, we help clients build an affiliate program from the ground up or grow existing affiliate programs most efficiently. We act as a strategic partner on behalf of our clients, helping to optimize and manage affiliate programs every step of the way. Rise’s approach offers much more than traditional outsourced program management.

    Affiliate marketing is a unique channel, as it allows marketers to only pay for performance by setting guidelines with affiliates for the KPIs that matter most to your bottom line. Rise’s team of experts has helped our enterprise clients turn their affiliate programs into a lucrative part of their digital marketing strategy by increasing leads and boosting sales.

    Focus on Profitability
    A strong program will have many affiliate partners, which can be used to compare traffic quality and allow for more competitive CPL or commission rates. Having a diverse make-up of affiliates also enables the brands to quickly shift budget to high-performing partners who are exceeding pre-established KPIs. Whether your focus is growth or efficiency, to get the most out of an affiliate campaign, it is important to set clearly defined goals and to continually optimize towards them. Partners also know their audiences best and how receptive they are to certain tactics, so listening to their recommended change can be very beneficial to increase leads or sales.

    To be successful, you need a team that has extensive experience managing relationships and an organized process to facilitate relationship growth. At Rise, our team has developed proprietary tools to manage our partner relationships, allowing us to compare different partners’ audiences and vertical specialties. This enables us to move faster at onboarding new clients. Frequent communication is also needed to maintain a program that is constantly optimized. This opens up the opportunity to negotiate often, which can result in more efficient commission rates or better CPLs. A strong partner may communicate with you on a near-daily basis; from swapping reports and optimizing assets, to signing contracts and finance, it is best to work with a team that has the resources and bandwidth to allocate to the detailed initiative.

    Measurement and Technology
    Rise prioritizes transparency and granularity for each initiative in an organized way. We track  all partners’ statuses in the RFP process, receiving and processing leads in a compliant way, and concise briefs for evaluating each campaign. Rise has also built a proprietary report card that cross-analyzes partners to grade them based on the quality of their traffic and comparative performance. Partners making the biggest business impact should be allocated a larger amount of the budget, and that requires a reliable data configuration to support your decisions.

    We’re confident that affiliate’s only-pay-for-performance model can make a difference for a brand’s bottom line. If you are looking for advice on how to kick-start an affiliate program or to refine your current strategy, reach out to our team of experts. We’re here to help!

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