Enabling marketers with automation to focus on business outcomes

It is harder than ever for digital marketers to know where to spend their marketing budget to hit their business goals. The number of channels available to marketers continues to expand, each with its own measurement, leaving brands with a sea of siloed technology and without a solution that easily surfaces where to spend their next dollar based on which investments are driving performance (and which aren’t). With the sheer volume of data, marketers need to know which opportunities to focus on and be able to take immediate action.

That’s why we built Connex®. Connex, Rise’s media optimization platform, brings our award-winning approach to cross-channel media management to life, at scale, with performance transparency you won’t find anywhere else.

Cross-Platform Insights

Transparent cross-channel performance metrics

The future of marketing requires brands to optimize each media dollar at the most granular level—at scale—while looking beyond individual channels. Connex integrates with all of the major platforms (Google, Facebook, Amazon, The Trade Desk, and many more) to connect walled gardens and uncover areas of opportunity and waste across all platforms. We have never believed in ‘black box’ reporting, which is why Connex provides spend data that shows the true cost of media separate from any vendor fees, at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Proactive Intelligence

Always-on analysis and recommendations

Granular, cross-channel insights are only valuable if they are accessible, or better yet, proactively delivered to take action in real time. Connex performs ongoing account-wide analysis, mining millions of data points daily, and flags issues or surfaces opportunities so marketers can focus their time and act on the highest impact activities. With custom performance alerts that recommend budget shifts based on results within and across channels, our always-on intelligence identifies exactly where to spend our clients’ next dollar to generate the best results.

Automated Optimization

Automatically executing changes at scale

Brands need top digital talent that understand how all marketing channels and technologies--each with their own automation, reporting, and capabilities--work together to drive their business forward. We hire the smartest digital minds in the industry across the globe to do just that. That’s why we built automation to handle highly important, but highly manual, optimization tasks at scale. Whether Connex is analyzing search term reports for every keyword in an account to build new top performers and optimize them automatically, or re-forecasting your budget based on actual campaign spend in real time, our team is able to focus on making the decisions that matter.